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Dump Trailer Rental Vs WinBins Dumpster Rental

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Winter Bin Rental tips from WinBins

The demand for bin rentals continue despite the cold temperatures and snowfall during the winter in Winnipeg. Below are a few tips to make your winter bin rental as easy and simple as possible.   Read More

3 Tips for your WinBin Dumpster Rental

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Concrete Removal? Use The Right Tool for an Easier Job

Have an old planter that needs to go? Or a pad that has more cracks than concrete? To make your concrete removal process easier choosing the right tool for the job is key.    Read More

How to recycle Scrap Metal and Appliances for FREE in Winnipeg

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5 Safety Tips When Loading Your WinBin Dumpster

When it comes to loading a WinBin there is a RIGHT and a WRONG way to load. Below we’re listed 5 tips to make your job easier and safe.   Read More