3 Reasons to rent a WinBin this Fall and not wait until Spring 2022


Winnipeg Bin & Dumpster Rentals by WinBins - 20 Yard on Grass 1

Save On Cost

The cost of most things have risen and dump fees, fuel and bin cost are no different. The City of Winnipeg raises the dump fee annually. In 2021 one tonne of junk will cost you $83.00 to dispose of. WinBins can guarantee that cost will rise come 2022 and if fuel prices continue to rise your bin cost could also be higher next year. Lock in the prices set in stone for the rest of 2021 and save yourself some money.

Winnipeg Bin & Dumpster Rentals by WinBins - Ford with Shingles on Roof
WinBin in the driveway, new shingles on the roof! Ready to Go!

Use Your Space

Have a garage that has become a dumping ground over the summer, or a backyard that has turned into a junk pile. Take our word for it it is a lot easier to remove your junk when it’s not frozen into the ground or buried under a foot of snow. Your car wants to spend the winter cozy inside your garage so rent a dumpster today and clear that space up. If you live on a snow clearing route street parking can also become restricted over the winter months, all the more reason to clean-up today and use your garage, driveway or yard the way it was intended and not as a mini landfill.

Winnipeg Bin & Dumpster Rentals by WinBins - WinBins 12 in Garage 4
The 12 Yard WinBin fits inside your garage for easy loading.

Feel Better Today

Cleaning up an eye sore of junk can make you feel accomplished and a lot better when passing by that area in your home or property. No one wants to stare at your junk all winter as the snow covers it. Materials such as drywall will deteriorate over the winter making a big mess when you finally do get around to the clean-up. Stop putting off the clean-up and tackle it before you start spending more time inside over the winter months.