3 Tips for your WinBin Dumpster Rental


Winnipeg Bin & Dumpster Rentals by WinBins - winbins fare

1. Load flat debris first into the bin –

Flat debris stacks and saves space. When loaded un evenly large sheets of plywood or drywall can waste space in your dumpster. Stack plywood, ceiling tiles, drywall if possible and load it first. This will use the total space the most effectively.

2. Rent a ramp if you plan to load with a wheelbarrow –

Are you renting a 4 yard WinBin dumpster and planning to load it full of mud with a wheelbarrow? The rent our Ramp for an additional $25 for the duration of your rental. It is built to help you safely wheelbarrow right into the bin for safe load transfer.

3. Bin Placement –

Proper bin placement can save you time, energy and effort in bin loading. Think about where the junk is, how it will get in the bin and set up a plan for you WinBin rental.

Where will the bin be dropped on the property?

Are there road restrictions to take into account?

Find the smartest and safest placement for loading of your WinBin.