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When renting a WinBin often customers will worry that a big truck and large steel bin could cause damage to their property. In this post we will outline the steps we take to protect your property so your rental experience is worry free.

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The bin’s roller and rails are the only parts of the bin that will come in contact with your property on a bin rental. We can put down wood planks underneath the bin’s roller and rails so that none of the bin touches your property. If you would like this care taken please inquire at time of booking, there is no extra fee to spot the planks under your dumpster.

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Your WinBin dumpster will slowly be lowered off the rear of the truck by a hydraulic arm made for the purpose of container hauling. The smooth roller on the bin comes in contact with the ground rolling back on the flat surface until the entire bin is off the truck. Then the bin is lowered to the ground to sit in place, the bin will not move again until it is time for the pick-up process to begin. The bin will not drag on your property it will rise back up until it reaches an angle where the roller on the bottom of the bin will start to roll towards the truck til it is loaded up onto the truck.

Watch WinBins drop and load a dumpster on YouTube.

Additional video for reference can been seen here on WinBins Facebook page.