Concrete Removal? Use The Right Tool for an Easier Job


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Have an old planter that needs to go? Or a pad that has more cracks than concrete?

To make your concrete removal process easier choosing the right tool for the job is key.

First, give WinBins a call and schedule your dumpster to be dropped off for the concrete and debris you’re removing. Make sure your site is clear, safe and ready for demo. Use buckets, wheel barrows or your hands to transport the concrete debris into your dumpster.

Before renting a tool we recommend measuring the thickness of your concrete, if it’s a planter or steps try to figure out if the concrete is hollow or solid inside the structure. This will affect the size of tool used for the demo. Sometimes, there’s no way to know without starting the demolition. The tool rental department at Home Depot is a great place to start gathering information. Go with pictures and measurements to get better advice. Rent a 4 Yard WinBin dumpster and get ready for a day of heavy lifting. Wear the proper protective gear including steel toes boots and gloves when handling the concrete. Finally stay hydrated and rested, you’ve got some hard, but rewarding work ahead.