Deciding Which Size of Bin to Rent: 12 vs 20 Yard WinBin


Winnipeg Bin & Dumpster Rentals by WinBins - winbins 20 and 12

WinBins makes renting your dumpster simple in that there is only one price and one set of terms for any size of bin you choose to rent. If you decide to be on the safe side and rent the largest dumpster, the 20 yard bin you pay the same rate as you would renting the smaller, 12 yard bin.

BIG size difference. NO price difference.

The 12 yard bin is easier to load than the 20 overall. The lower sides of the 12 make loading the bin from every side simple and safe. If you have a tight area where opening the bin doors won’t be possible the 12 yard dumpster would be the choice. The over 5 foot high walls of the 20 yard bin make it tough without use of a ladder or platform to load over the sides and front of the bin. Loading thru the rear doors of the bin is the same on any size. The barn doors open up allowing you to walk in your junk safely. With 8 ft of width there is plenty of room to load the 20 yard container from the rear. The 12 yard bin at 7.5 feet wide is a close second in the category.

Whatever size of WinBin you decide on take into account the factors laid out in this post. Good luck!