Dump Trailer Rental Vs WinBins Dumpster Rental


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WinBins has a sister company, They remove trash, clear and haul snow, demolish garages and more. Started in 2011 Hagemeister Hauling Ltd. https://www.winnipegjunk.com/ Hagemeister has been hauling junk in dump trailers most days since 2011. Over the years in business Hagemeister has had 8 different dump trailers. Differing in makes and sizes. The average number of tires they buy for these trailers a year is 30. We often carry a spare battery after the battery in the dump trailer has died from use or the cold over the winter, this is quite common. They come with maintenance and repairs every year, our roads do not do any equipment any favours. Blowouts and breakdowns are common with dump trailers.

Dump trailers are higher to load, carry less weight, high cost of ownership when used often, loss of time to dump and maintain trailer. Trailers come with a long list of things to secure and check for before departing, the the D.O.T or police notice something off a ticket may be issued and the trailer may have to be towed to a repair shop.

Do what you do best and pay someone to handle what they do best is our advice to businesses big and small and home owners. WinBins is a great cost effective option to handle your waste. Save time and money instead of paying thousands upfront to maintain and operate a trailer that can handle less material and is harder to load than a WinBins dumpster.

Having used both to demolish a garage, clean out a house etc over the years. We always prefer to use a bin when possible. Easier and safer to load. From the customer standpoint the greatest advantage of a bin is that you do not need a truck to haul around the bin, the bin is delivered and removed by Winbins, all you need to do is load it with your junk.