Fall Clean-Up Made Easy with WinBins 🍂


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Summer has come and gone for another year and Falls Clean-ups are just around the corner.

Winnipeg Bin & Dumpster Rentals by WinBins - Yard Waste 1

This year leave the bags in the closet and instead rent yourself a WinBin for your yard clean-up.

We rent WinBins to home-owners, landscape businesses and property managers who are looking for a simple and easy solution to remove their leaves, trees, grass clippings and mulch.

The best part? All the material is recycled for FREE! Saving you trip after trip to the landfill and dump fees.

Winnipeg Bin & Dumpster Rentals by WinBins - 20 Leaves

Take the stress out of bagging the leaves and piling the bags on your property instead use a bucket or wheelbarrow and toss the leaves and yard clippings directly into your bin, now need to bag them up.

Call WinBins today to reserve your WinBin for your yard clean-up this Fall.