Hauling Fill / Mud / Concrete: Bin Rental vs Pick-Up Truck


Winnipeg Bin & Dumpster Rentals by WinBins - 4 yard winbin loaded nicely with mud

You have a plan to excavate mud / fill / weeds / sod from your backyard and need to get it off your property for good, we can help.

Winnipeg Bin & Dumpster Rentals by WinBins - 4 Yard in Brick Driveway 1
4 Yard WinBin sitting in the driveway ready for dirt.

We suggest a 4 yard bin rental. The 4 yard bin is easy and safe to load with a wheel barrow, by hand or machine. Holding up to 4 cubic yards of material. This size bin can fit a garden, a concrete pad or concrete steps.

We understand there is always a friend with a truck but we advise against hauling heavy materials with a pick-up. Loading a pick-up truck bed is tougher and riskier as the height of the pick-ups bed is over 15 times higher than that of the bin. Four inches load height at the back of the WinBin vs three plus feet for the back of a pickup truck bed.

Winnipeg Bin & Dumpster Rentals by WinBins - 4B
The 4 Yard WinBin opens fully at the rear. Ramp not included in rental.

You need a longer ramp and more effort to get a wheelbarrow into the bed of a pickup. Once at the landfill you need to shovel all the material again back out of the truck! Talk about twice the work.

Once the material is loaded in your WinBin your job is DONE. WinBins handles the transport and dumping. Half the man power, time and effort with the bin route. Zero fuel spent or flats at the landfill.

Winnipeg Bin & Dumpster Rentals by WinBins - 4 yard winbin loaded nicely with mud
Full of soil, the job is done WinBins handles it from here.

Load the bin easily from all sides, low 1.5 ft high walls make it easy to load over the sides with a wheelbarrow. Or for the best loading open the rear bins doors and load from the back. We don’t suggest loading your truck over the sides and risk damage to the paint.

Winnipeg Bin & Dumpster Rentals by WinBins - WinBins Maple Leaf concrete 4 yard full
All WinBins open fully at the rear for easy loading

Take your time, don’t overload yourself, stay hydrated and go at your own pace. Your WinBin rental includes 5 days rent so there is no rush to fill the bin. Good luck!