High Traffic WinBins Dumpster Rental Tips


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Here are a few tips for renting a WinBin on a busy street or location. If you are not sure if your dumpster rental location is safe or legal with all bylaws ask WinBins!

  1. Park two cars, if possible, where you want your bin placed or mark off the section of road way with safety pylons if you have. We prefer cars as the public may not notice or care about your pylons. Our truck typically needs two car lengths to drop our largest 20 yard container. If you can secure the spots before our truck arrives that will guarantee you get your bin where you want making loading safer, easier and quicker for you and your crew.
  2. If you’re not able to block off a section where you’d like your bin, coordinate with your neighbours prior to your dumpster drop off and make sure they can assist you in placing your bin. Most people understand and will assist in helping you get your bin where you want. When WinBins arrives to remove your bin please park in front of the bin or have a neighbour help block off bin access. When we arrive you can move your vehicle giving our truck the access we need to remove your dumpster. This ensures don’t have the bin blocked in by a stranger and have to make multiple trips back to pick-up the dumpster when accessible.
  3. For some major routes in the City of Winnipeg a special street use permit may apply to place your bin where you’d like. Ask WinBins about your bin placement and location when booking. We may need to contact the city and obtain a permit price and availability before we go ahead with your booking.
  4. A good rule of thumb is anywhere a car is not allowed to park a bin is not allowed to sit either. This includes blocking fire hydrants, blocking public side walks or dropping a bin in a handicap or short term loading zone.

WinBins wants to make your rental experience, easy and safe while respecting the rules and neighbours in your area. Call today to set up your next dumpster rental and we’ll ensure it goes as efficiently as possible.