Roof Recycling Tips / Locations: Save Money Roofing with a WinBins Dumpster


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Re-shingling your roof is a big task for home owners and roofers alike. The shingles, labour and time all add up. WinBins is here to offer a few tips to help reduce your costs and also recycle your shingle material saving it from the landfill.

If you are considering doing the entire project yourself below are 2 businesses in Winnipeg that accept and recycle shingles, nails, metal, wood and tar paper for a reduced cost than dumping it as trash in the landfills.

Greensite Recycling
2255 Springfield Rd, Winnipeg, MB R5R 0E8

Green Opportunities
14 Wanda Way, Winnipeg, MB R3R 3S3

WinBins recycling shingles at Green Opportunities.

The cost is reduced because these yards will grind up the shingle material turning it into an additive to be used by the construction industry in road building / asphalting. The metal is scrapped, the wood pallets are mulched. Any bag trash is taken to the landfill.

WinBin shingle load being recycled.

If renting a WinBin to dispose of your old roof here are the steps to take so we can ensure your roof is recycled

Only Shingles, nails, tar paper are tossed into the bin.
The rest of the trash including shingle wrappers, tims cups, plastic strapping are bagged into plastic garbage bags and loaded on top of the shingles. This garbage material will be disposed of in the provided dumpsters on site, not dumped with the shingle load.
Wood pallets can also be loaded on top of the debris into the bin and recycled at either of these yards.
Make sure your job site is free of nails using a metal magnet before finishing up and hauling the load away.

WinBins will use one of these two yards on your behalf provided the load in your WinBins meets all yard requirements.

WinBin loaded up ready for recycling.

If you rent a WinBin for your next roofing project we will recycle the shingles, nails and tar paper saving you money on a reduced tipping fee vs the higher landfill rate.

The shingles will be repurposed into an additive for asphalt repairing our roads (MUCH NEEDED). The wood pallets will also be recycled into mulch and the trash bags disposed of in the landfill. Save money repair our roads and keep waste out of the landfill all at the same time.

That’s a WinBins Win!