WinBins Bin Rental & Road Restrictions


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Spring brings fresh air, puddles and road restrictions put in place to protect the integrity of our roadways in Winnipeg. Before renting a bin it may be wise to check if there are any current road restrictions on your road or on the route you would like the bin transported to. Typically with junk and waste the weight will not be heavy enough for the road restrictions to apply. It will impact the ability to get a bin for concrete or mud however and future materials to site.

Roads restrictions can range from 65% – 90% of axle weight. What this means is that a truck can only have 65% of the weight allowable on the truck at any time when the road restriction is in place, for heavier loads that may be close to 100% of the allowable payload this restriction will prevent hauling of the heavy loads legally until the restriction is lifted. These restrictions protect the public and our roads while they thaw out in the spring, once dry and safe in the summer for the heavier wear the restrictions lift and we can drop and remove bins as normal.

The City of Winnipeg’s site contains even more information.